Symmetra MW: 400 kW - 1.6 mW


APC (American Power Conversion)

Model: Symmetra MW

Power Rating: 400kW - 1.6mW

Voltage In: 480 V AC Three Phase

Special Features:
  • Modular design
  • Adapt and Expand UPS Power
  • Top and bottom cable entry (standard)
  • Modular Fault-tolerant Design
  • Early-warning Problem Notification
  • Paralleling Features for Capacity and Redundancy
  • Distributed Inverter Technology for Fault Containment
  • Self-diagnosing
  • Self-testing
  • Front-access servicing
  • Modular-level Repair
  • Component-level Predictive Failure Analysis
  • Menu-driven Repair Instructions
  • Monitor Power Attributes for Entire Management Solution
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Advanced 10 inch Color LCD Touch-Screen
  • Single-Interface Management of Multiple Products
  • Configurable Display Layout
  • Menu-driven Operating Instructions
  • Monitoring via Network and Web
  • State-of-the-Art Topology
  • Rated for Power-Factor Corrected Loads
  • Temperature Compensated Battery Charging
  • Full-rated Power with kVA equaling kW

More Information

The first ever fault-tolerant, modular UPS in the 400-1600 kW power range, the Symmetra(R) MW redefines high-power UPS technology, and includes paralleling features to handle even larger load requirements.