Eaton Power Quality 9135: 5 kVA - 6 kVA


Manufacturer: Eaton Power Quality

Model: 9135

Power Rating: 5 kVA - 6 kVA

Voltage In: 120/208 V AC Single Phase

Special Features:
  • Provides clean, continuous power to protect critical equipment and applications from power-related downtime, data loss and corruption, and process interruption
  • Saves valuable rack space by delivering up to 6000 VA/4200W in only 3U
  • Provides deployment versatility by offering rack and tower installation options with rail kits and pedestal provided
  • Increases availability with hot-swappable batteries and power module and an optional external maintenance bypass
  • Offers extended battery runtime options to power essential systems for more than an hour during an outage
  • Simplifies UPS monitoring and management with a bright LCD user interface, intuitive LanSafe software and optional eNotify service from Eaton
  • Provides investment protection with a two-year limited warranty, an extended warranty, Flex and PowerTrust service contracts, and a $250,000 load protection guarantee (US and Canada)

More Information

Part of the Powerware series, the Eaton 9135 uninterruptible power system (UPS) resolves utility power quality problems and supplies continuous power management. Secure effective power protection for valuable data center IT and networking equipment, UPS battery backup to gracefully handle utility outages, and on-demand visibility into UPS system status from anywhere. Operating at 91 percent efficiency or better, this UPS delivers more usable power for every utility dollar.

Incorporating more than 40 years of UPS design experience, the 9135 delivers superior power protection for medium-density data centers, banking and security systems, manufacturing process control, retail point-of-sale systems and telecommunications/VoIP equipment. Combining superior performance with innovative features, the 9135 is the ultimate UPS in its class.