Symmetra ISX: 10 kW - 80 kW


Manufacturer: APC (American Power Conversion)

Model: Symmetra ISX

Power Rating: 10 kW - 80 kW

Voltage In: 208 V AC Three Phase

Special Features:
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Extendable Run Time
  • Built-in static bypass switch 
  • Full-rated Power with kVA equaling kW
  • Temperature Compensated Battery Charging
  • Scalable Power Capacity
  • Automatic Self Test
  • Hot Swap Batteries
  • Modular-level Repair
  • Front-access servicing
  • Built-in Web/SNMP management
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Multiple System Shutdown
  • Smart Slot

More Information

Symmetra ISX, three-phase input / three-phase output (3:3), is a single unit, composed of modular components. This modular architecture provides the foundation of building and scaling near-continuous availability power systems with a flexible range of power capacity. The Symmetra ISX packages the high availability requirements of easy power and runtime scalability into a very small footprint. Combined with the complete line of APC data center protection software and accessories it provides the four most critical elements of total data center protection.