Symmetra: 4 kVA - 16 kVA n+1


Manufacturer: APC (American Power Conversion)

Model: Symmetra

Power Rating: 4kVA - 16kVA n+1

Voltage In: 208/240 V AC Single Phase

Special Features:
  • Built-in automatic bypass
  • Hot Swap Batteries
  • Hot Swap Electronics
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Power expansion capability
  • Extendable Run Time
  • Hot Swap Electronics
  • Hot Swap Batteries
  • Built-in manual bypass
  • Network Management
  • LCD AlphaNumeric Display
  • SmartSlot

More Information

Modular, Scalable, Redundant 4–16 kVA N+1 Power Array

Symmetra 4-16 kVA meets the challenges faced by today’s Information Technology industry. The need for 7x24 availability is driving organizations to consolidate their servers into centralized datacenters and move to larger enterprise level servers. Their business and customers are demanding high availability solutions with high levels of productivity while maintaining lower overall costs of ownership. This centralization allows IT staff to spend less time managing the individual servers and more time responding to their users’ needs. By providing a centralized power protection solution, Symmetra 4-16 kVA, meets the challenges of today’s IT industry.

Like all Power Array solutions, Symmetra 4-16 kVA provides Redundancy, Scalability, Serviceability and Manageability. Since Symmetra is modular, it is easily configurable, and expandable so you can "pay-as-you–grow".


Symmetra 4-16 kVA is available in two frame sizes. The MiniFrame can be ordered as a 4-kVA system expandable to 8 kVA, and as an 8-kVA system. The MasterFrame can be ordered as an 8-kVA system expandable to 16 kVA, a 12- kVA system expandable to a 16-kVA system or as a 16-kVA system.


All Symmetra 4-16 kVA models can have additional redundancy added by ordering additional Power Modules (SYPM).

High Availability requires additional run time

High availability solutions require more runtime options than their traditional counterparts. Previously, it was enough to simply close out of applications and save critical data. Today's economy requires seamless transitions between power disturbances and the customer, and therefore, a high availability runtime solution. This high availability solution must also consist of modular, scalable, user-serviceable, and manageable components, which keep the overall cost of ownership down. Symmetra 4-16kVA systems have two separate options for higher runtimes: the 4-Slot Battery Cabinet and the 12-Slot Battery Cabinet. (Specifications and part numbers can be found on pages 17 and 18) These Battery Cabinets can be partially or completely filled with hot swappable battery modules, based on the runtime requirements and the load. A 5 foot (1.5 m) pre-installed connector makes the Battery Cabinets a plug and play solution.

An optional Extender Cable allows customers to place the Battery Cabinets up to 15 feet (4.5 m) away from the Symmetra itself. The Battery Cabinets can be connected directly to the Symmetra 4-16 kVA or daisy chained to provide nearly unlimited runtime. Additionally, the Battery Cabinets are intelligent, providing crucial information back to the Symmetra, proactively, regarding : runtime; potential battery problems; and the exact location of failed battery modules.