Ruggedized MIL-SPEC 901D Class A


Manufacturer: Nova Electric/US Tech, Inc.

Model: Jupiter

Power Rating: 10 kVA - 120 kVA

Voltage In: 208/450 V AC Three Phase

Special Features:
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • Complete input to output "Galvanic" isolation.
  • High frequency almost silent operation
  • Push button starting and stopping
  • Diagnostic panel with LCD and LED display
  • Soft start on inverter
  • Overload & and short proof on charger and inverter
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • True on-line Operation
  • Solid state transfer switch built in and standard at no additional charge
  • Maintenance bypass switch built in and standard at no additional charge
  • All electronics are built in modular front access and front removable sub assemblies for easy service and maintenance
  • Batteries may be built into units up to 60KVA
  • Automatic dual rate battery charger (float charge and boost charge)
  • FCC class A approved
  • Remote isolated dry relay contacts

More Information

3-phase power protection from 10 kVA - 120 kVA

Three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that provide high efficiency with low input current distortion and include two specialized SEACOTS versions barge-tested to MIL-S-901D.
Documents Attached to Ruggedized MIL-SPEC 901D Class A:
Jupiter Series Manual