NetShelter Rack Mounts


Manufacturer: APC (American Power Conversion)

Model: NetShelter

Special Features:
  • Door ventilation exceeds 830 in2 (5355 cm2)
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Ventilated Doors with Scalable Cooling Options
  • Rear Cable Management channels
  • Rear Power Distribution channels
  • Cable Access
  • Numbered U positions
  • Optimized depth
  • Optimized width
  • Rolls through a 7 foot doorway
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Simple Selection
  • Lockable doors and side panels
  • Door access monitoring
  • Structural Stability
  • Shipping Pallet
  • UBC Zone 4 Compliant
  • Protective grounding provisions
  • Quick release doors
  • Quick release side panels
  • Split rear doors
  • Reversible doors
  • Expansion

More Information

Optimized cable management

At the core of InfraStruXure(TM) is the NetShelter(R) VX enclosure with increased depth and rear cabling channels for power and data cable routing. This allows for the quick installation, access, and management of cables.

Vendor-neutral mounting

The NetShelter(R) VX is vendor neutral and carries the "Fits like a Glove" compatibility guarantee. Easily repositioned front and rear vertical mounting rails, EIA-310-D standard adherence, and increased depth provide the ultimate flexibility in mounting options.

Cool air in, hot air out

The NetShelter(R) VX design provides superior door ventilation. To address high-density environments (hot spots) in the IT environment, the NetShelter(R) VX can be equipped with the Air Distribution Unit (ADU). The Air Removal Unit (ARU) effectively removes hot air from racks in both raised and nonraised floor environments.

Easy access to multiple receptacles

The NetShelter(R) VX enclosure accepts a range of zero U, toolless, metered power distribution units (PDUs) capable of distributing up to 5.7kW of power through up to 42 receptacles mounted in the rear-cabling channel.

Proactive environmental monitoring

Identifying hot spots within the environment is easy through the use of the Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU). The EMU constantly monitors the temperature and humidity within the NetShelter(R) VX.

Self-contained cabling system

The NetShelter(R) VX can be equipped with shielded power cable troughs and data partitions for self-contained cabling, eliminating the need to use space under a raised floor and permitting better organization in non-raised floor environments.