LP33 (LanPro 33U): 10 kVA to 120 kVA


Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)

Model: LP33 Series

Power Rating: 10 kVa - 120 kVa

Voltage In: 208/240 V AC Single Phase

Special Features:
  • High input power factor (.98) and low input distortion prevents disturbances to other electrical equipment, thus eliminating the need for costly filters or over- sized feeders
  • Compact footprint, easily transportable, robustly designed system with low audible noise suitable for both office and industrial environments
  • Utilizes high-frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) IGBT digital control technique resulting in extremely low output distortion and fast transient response eliminating the need for over-sizing the UPS
  • Intelligent Energy Management™ (ECO-mode) enables automatic energy savings under stable power conditions
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture™(RPA™) increases system reliability by eliminating single points of failure without increasing overall system complexity
  • Superior Battery Management (SBM) enhances battery lifetime resulting in reduced cost of operation
  • Transformerless design for smaller footprint, less weight and better efficiency
  • Robustly designed to handle short-circuit, high overload and over-heating conditions, thus reducing maintenance and service costs
  • LP33 High Crest Factor (3:1) capability makes it ideal for computer loads while eliminating the need to oversize the UPS
  • Very wide AC-input voltage capability minimizing the need to switch to batteries which results in increased battery life
  • Integrated internal manual maintenance bypass reducing the need for external equipment
  • Fully compliant with North American standards for VFI (UL, CUL 1778) operation providing full power protection for demanding critical applications
  • Automatic start-up procedure and a userfriendly interface with multi-language capability simplifying UPS operation
  • Every GE UPS can be monitored and managed via LAN, serial/modem connection or through the Internet
  • UPS management software facilitating operation and maintenance of the UPS
  • Three available slots for options such as: SNMP plug-in card, potential-free relay contacts, RPA and RS232/contact interface providing maximum flexibility
  • Matching battery packs for expanded backup times

More Information

The Digital EnergyTM LP33 Series is a robust, high-performance UPS system that provides power protection for a wide range of mission-critical applications. Every LP33 Series unit operates in a double conversion mode with true continuous on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation yielding maximum levels of power protection even under the toughest conditions. In addition, the LP33 UPS is a high efficiency design with low THD (total harmonic distortion) which takes up less space and is easy to install and service, especially in an office environment. Its robust design makes it suitable for traditional industrial applications as well.

To achieve redundancy or to increase power capacity, GE’s unique Redundant Parallel Architecture™ (RPA™) technology enables the LP33 Sseries to parallel up to four units in a flexible and cost effective manner. In the RPA system, every UPS is controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration with redundancy in all critical elements and functions. This advanced technology provides the highest possible system reliability for mission critical applications eliminating any single points of failure associated with other types of UPS systems. The RPA system precisely synchronizes the output phase and automatically shares the load supported by each of the UPS.

Through their complete life cycle, every GE UPS system is fully supported by GE’s Global Services team, which provides world-class, 24 x 7 preventive and corrective services, training and application expertise.
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