GT Series Tower: 1 kVA - 3 kVA


Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)

Model: GT Series - Tower

Power Rating: 1 kVA - 3 kVA

Voltage In: 208/240 V AC Single Phase

Special Features:
  • High input power factor (>.97) and low input distortion prevents disturbances to other electrical equipment, thus eliminating the need for costly filters or over- sized feeders
  • Compact footprint, easily transportable, robustly designed system with low audible noise suitable for both office and industrial environments
  • Utilizes high-frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital control technique resulting in extremely low output distortion and fast transient response eliminating the need for over-sizing the UPS
  • Robustly designed to handle short-circuit, high overload and over-heating conditions, thus reducing maintenance and service costs
  • GT Series High Crest Factor (3:1) capability makes it ideal for computer loads while eliminating the need to oversize the UPS
  • Very wide AC-input voltage capability minimizes the need to switch to batteries which results in increased battery life
  • Fully compliant with UL1778 and CSA 22.2-107 standards for VFI operation providing full power protection for demanding critical applications
  • Every GE UPS can be monitored and managed via LAN and serial connection
  • UPS management software facilitating operation and maintenance of the UPS
  • Available slot for SNMP plug-in card, potential-free relay contacts, and RS232/contact interface providing maximum flexibility

More Information

The Digital EnergyTM GT Series Tower UPS provides a high quality power protection in a cost effective package. The GT Series is a compact, true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on-line double conversion high performance device.

The UPS is designed to support and protect mission-critical applications and the bypass mode provides high reliability against mains power disturbances. All GT Series UPS’s are micro-processor controlled and equipped with RS232 communication and optional SNMP interfacing capabilities for all major operating systems, with optional battery pack extended runtime options also available.

  • On line double conversion technology eliminates power reliability problems
  • High visibility graphic display gives the user immediate view of UPS status
  • Automatic internal bypass
  • Programmable switch-off for less critical loads to maximize up-time of critical devices. (load shedding)
  • Modern design fits well into an office environment

Applications Include
  • Mission Critical Servers
  • Medical Equipment
  • ATM / Frame Relay Switches
  • Banking Systems
  • Telecoms / PABX
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