Eaton Power Quality 9355: 10 kVA - 30 kV


Manufacturer: Eaton Power Quality

Model: 9355

Power Rating: 10 kVA - 30 kVA

Voltage In: 208/480 V AC Three Phase

Special Features:
  • A true online, double-conversion topology protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power problems
  • Delivers maximum power density in a compact tower design: 10 and 15 kVA are only 12" wide and 33" deep, including batteries; 20 and 30 kVA are only 20" wide and 34" deep, including batteries
  • Provides more real power in less space (5,500 watts per square foot) with a 0.9 output power factor – protecting more equipment for every utility dollar and leaving more room for expansion of the data center
  • Patented Hot Sync(R) paralleling of multiple UPS modules delivers extra capacity or redundancy
  • Customizable output distribution provides user-specified power outlets along with terminals for connecting hard-wired equipment
  • Microprocessor-controlled ABM(R) technology significantly increases battery life
  • Provides a 0.99 input power factor and generator-friendly <5% total harmonic distortion using an active IGBT rectifier to control the input power factor
  • Ensures data and system integrity with complete power management software for remote monitoring, management and shutdown
  • An Eaton(R) factory limited warranty, technical support and optional service plans provide investment protection and peace of mind

More Information

Responding to the challenge of providing effective power protection for ever-expanding loads in shrinking spaces, the 9355 three-phase uninterruptible power system (UPS) delivers enhanced power protection in half the footprint of previous-generation systems. The 9355 UPS provides 10 kVA to 30 kVA of power protection in a sleek tower configuration that includes internal batteries. This innovative design delivers one of the industry's best combinations of high efficiency, low input current distortion and high power factor. The result is maximal economy, adaptability and power performance.

With advances being made in miniaturization and processing power and more equipment being served by dual-cord power supplies, the challenge of protecting that power, and doing so in a limited space, grows ever greater.

Fortunately, advances in technology have also meant that more power protection per square foot can now be provided. The 9355 UPS delivers premium levels of efficiency, reliability and flexibility, all in a sleek tower half the size of most other units on the market today.

These double-conversion, online UPSs resolve all nine common utility power problems and supply clean, continuous power to all connected equipment. Even when presented with the most severe power problems, power output remains stable. And if the utility power goes out altogether, there is no delay transferring to backup power.

These capabilities make the 9355 UPS ideal for protecting essential data center, communications and electrical engineering infrastructures in corporate, telecom, healthcare, banking, public sector and industrial networks.