DataSafe CX Batteries

The DataSafe CX-M is an economical multi-cell flat plate battery.  The CX-M is optimized for high performance and provides excellent short duration discharge rates.  The DataSafe CX-M battery features the Slide-Lock post seal design. The DataSafe CX-M battery was designed for easier maintenance since all the posts and connectors reside above the cell cover; maintenance routines, including individual cell monitoring and intercell resistance measurements are simplified.

The economical design and footprint, combined with Slide-Lock post and excellent performance in short duration discharges makes this an ideal battery in both UPS and switchgear applications.

  • Calcium alloy grids for lowest water loss resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • High integrity Slide-Lock post seal design
  • Lead plated copper posts provide high 1 minute rates
  • 100% initial capacity
  • Number of plates and the plate thickness ensure maximum performance during short duration discharges without sacrificing component integrity

Documents Attached to DataSafe CX Batteries:
DataSafe CX-M Performance Specs
EnerSys Energy Storage Solutions for Power & Utilities Industries
MSDS 853020 Lead Acid Battery
MSDS No-Ox Grease
PowerSafe/DataSafe Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries Owner's Manual
Standby Power Product Overview
UPS Product Guide